Jul 13, 2018


Where should I begin?

Music. I like to talk about music. Music has been such a big part of me since maybe when I don't even know how to read or talk yet. My mum and dad is such an avid fan of oldies tracks like Madonna, Spice Girls, Motown, Eagles, Scorpions you name it. They have a stack of boxes of old tapes and cassettes and that I used to crawl on it and stare at the cover and the lyrics attached to it. Way before googling lyrics were a thing.

Growing up, I saw my mum always on MTV at certain hours to watch her favorites music videos. Gwen Stefani, Jessica Simpsons, Spice Girls, Britney Spears were her everyday jams, and automatically I would listen to it too even before I knew any english.

It is amazing how music has changed my life over the years.

I'm amazed whenever I found a songs that the lyrics perfectly described or eerily described how I felt or currently going through.

For a moment, I thought wow they must be feeling the same way like i do. Glad to know that I'm not the only one in this.

And that never fails to amazes me everytime.

I salute all those singers and lyricist that are able to put what they wanted to say and convey through  a melodies.

I always gets excited whenever I talk to ppl about my music preferences. Like, I'm not easily warms up to someone new but you can bring up music talk to the table and I would quickly eat it up and warms up to you. That is how much I love music.

I love it when ppl actually listens to my songs recommendations. Because I paid so much attention to the lyrics and to me, it is useless if the song can't speak to me then I would not like it.

When i recommend a songs to someone, normally I would hope that they would take a hint and listens to the lyric really closely because that is how I normally communicate or want to say.

How to expand your music taste, I often get questions like this from my friends whenever they pay a visit to my spotify page . Honestly, I did not really know. I mean, I found new songs or artists to listen to in the most random ways possible. Mum and dad were my first influences. They introduced me to many singers that I still like to jam to till this very second. I like to watches TV series, so maybe that is another one. Sometimes I like to listen to their soundtracks or tunes they are using and googling it. Or movies. Or my favorite artist's curated playlist on Spotify. It is amazing cos you get insights on the musicians or songs that they like to listen or whom inspire them. I like to dig them so that is another one too.

Oh, there's a world outside for you to see

It's all beyond the borderline

Two empty souls won't fill the vacancy

But you'll never know until you try

Currently been jamming to this song whole week. This is OST for Fifty Shades Freed. I was not into Fifty Shades trilogy but this song is so good. Thanks to Netflix's spotify playlist lolol go check em out ppls!


May 10, 2018

Happy Birthday, B!!

So today was B's 28th birthday and although I keep teasing him about our age difference (i'm 23 btw) but I love you baby! I sent him a long birthday wishes on Whatsapp and B being B as always his reply is just..

''Thank you, darling. I love you!''




Feel so ke lian of me cos I spent like 15mins composing the messages you know, on my futile attempt on being the sweet type of girlfriend lols hahaha.. but can't fully blame him with him being in Japan and whatnots. 

Thought of preparing a birthday celebration for him but in the end I will just stick with the regular birthday thingy. Booked a dinner place for us on El Meson, Bangsar for next upcoming Sunday, still on process of picking a cake from EatCakeToday (by the way, they got up to hundreds types of cakes to choose from, that's why I have such a hard time choosing, my Pisces's indecisive side shine bright on a diamond at times like these *sigh*) and I have not even prepared a birthday present. Sighh cos I don't know what to buy and thought of buying him a watch but the choices was so overwhelming and am afraid he won't like my pick so I refrain myself from buying. Also thought of buying something related to his work, but he is a mechanic so am confused what to get. 

Anyway, B just telling me that we have been dating for almost 5 months already. I replied, 

''OMG!! Has it already been that long??!'' cos it feels like just yesterday only. Everything still feels surreal, on how we got to know each other, some dramas and shits in between that almost makes me want to quit this, and this and that. But on top of that, I feel like everything moves by so fast when you are happy and spent each day being thankful that you got to meet this special person. Cos that is how I exactly feel. 


May 8, 2018

random updates from the phone (again)!

Went to Tonkatsu Ma Maison at One U last Sunday with B. Ordered pork and ebi furai set to try. The portion was huge and pretty satisfying. I espescially loves the dipping sauce for the salad which I do not recall the name but it was so good to eat with the cabbage. Price was a little bit steep but once in a while is ok i guess! :p

on my attempt for new profile picture hahahaha. Super love snapchat filter by the way. Although instagram and facebook has their own snapchat thingy but i will always stick with Snapchat's or B612's filter.

Spam photos of Whitney and Casper!!

Behind the scene lolol!!

His face when I point my camera and, ''Say cheese!!'' hehehe

May 3, 2018


I honestly don't know what to write but i will try.

Recently feel so hopeless not in particulary one thing but everything.

My studies has been nothing but disastrous. Was weird cos its my last semester already and i literally only have few months left but instead of feeling motivated i feel unhappiness creeping all over me.

As a result, I skipped lots of lectures. And truthfully, I could not care less. What is wrong with me?

My relationship.. let's not talk about that. When the person matters to you most does not give a fuck and even encourages you to leave, was that feel like he is holding the door open himself and expecting me to just walk away? Was I really mean that nothing..?

I asked him tell me just one reason of why i should be staying..

He did not utter any single word. He cried and said he was sorry he could not give me any.

Inside I was crying too. I want to shout out my frustation but I could not, instead I just swallowed my tears and saying,

Lets try this one more time.

Ppls said im an idiot for letting him walk over me. I'm not a patsy but don't know why I always let ppl walk over me. Maybe its a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply. I always feel so scared and insecure that everyone that matters to me will leave, so I held on tight on them and tolerating their shitty treatments, but they always ends up leaving anyway. Maybe.. now its time to change?

Jan 13, 2018

Updates on my life!

Helloooo!! Gosh, I feel so guilty for not blogging as much as I used to back in the olden days. But I guess as you grow older, priorites changes, and that's exactly what's happening to me. I used to be able to sit down for hours and literally writes long wordy post but now just like meh haha. Everytime I have time to even draft up a post, I ended up abandoning it and doing something else instead or priorities takes over, that explains why I got almost like 10 plus draft post on my blog. But now I finally got the time and opportunity to writes and might as well reflecting on what was happening on my life since we just got into 2 weeks of 2018 so the timing rather appropriate.

Okay, where shall I start? Just got back my semester 4 result and honestly.. even though I kinda see it coming, I still feel a twitch of dissappointment when I saw my grades. I have failed one mod and like I said, I kinda see it coming because the way I never took the subject seriously, skipped tutorials, and half-heartedly did the projects, as well as did poorly on the final examinations. I should have known, and looking back, I really wished I could turn back time and smack myself in the head and tell to get my shit together, but honestly I can't. Regrets is useless for now, and what I can do for now is just doing it better for the future. It was funny because few of my friends are also failing few modules and in the way that I could never imagine people like them would fail, because I always thought they are smarter and more responsible than me, but ended up they failed too. What is wrong nowadays? :(

And, as what most people would say, when you close one door, another opens. I have finally had the courage to let go a feeling or my attachment to someone because it was so toxic and in a way that it affected my grades. And God is good. When I have finally let it go, and becoming more like yolo and just kinda go with the flow attitude, everything starts to fell into places. I have meet someone new that treats me so much better and cherishes me well. I wouldn't say much for now or like brag about it, because I don't wanna jinx it, but I hope everything will goes well for now. It was also funny because he came into my life when I least expected it, do i even makes sense? lol

I'm on Roaccutane med for a month for my acne treatment. I got sudden breakout on my jawline and chin and was kinda bummed because of it, my parents decided to bring me to dermatologist. Actually not a really bad idea because maybe that's what I needed, have tried so much of beauty products claimed to get rid of acnes, from drugstores one to the expensive one but none works, wew. The only downside was I have to slap bunch of creams on my face everyday, but anything to get back my clear and flawless skin right hahaha.

Oopss.. didn't realize I wrote long wordy wall of text haha. Shall keep faith for now and see where life takes me for 2018! Fingers crossed!! I hope I can do this more often, reflecting back and writes more in this space. xx

Jul 29, 2017

Last Month

*does virtual waves*

Ahem, I just realized I have been away from my blog for almost a month, not really bad considering I have been diligently updating my Dayre (dayre.me/julia0225) but now I thought since I paid for this domain and hosting it would be a waste if I just abandon it heh.

The past last month, nothing much happened. I went on pretty smoothly about my uni life, finished the final exams and so on. For once, I have confidence about my results HAHA not because I was a good student lo but because most of the tips that the lecturers gave came out in the questions paper weee. Thank youu all my lecturers!

Will be going back to Jakarta on 11th August so for these 2 weeks I am just gonna be a rotten potato zz.

Ending off with some random photos from my camera roll.

Super good and oh-so-sinful salted egg yolk waffle from Inside Scoop. The combination of ice creams I chose was to die for :D

P.S Tokyo @ SS2. Awfully pricey but not extraordinary. Meh.

Our sibeh crazy WhatsApp group HAHAHA. You won't believe how much dramas that we've been thru like kdrama got nothing on us ok! Hahaha.

Okay, gonna signing off from blog now, waiting for my Mcdelivery now hmm.
Toodles! X

Jun 12, 2017

Hermo Haul!

As I've mentioned in previous post, here are items from my Hermo.my haul! I swear this beauty site is so addictive that I rarely leave the site without at least putting some items to the chart lol #sorrynotsorry

Anyway, this is my second time shopping on Hermo already and must say their customer service is tip top! Inquired them about my Laneige's Cleansing Oil and they responded in less than 24hrs! And when the item arrived, they totally put an effort and comply to my request by double bubble-wrapped it. What I really like about Hermo is their efficient delivery too. Ordered their items on Thursday, items being wrapped and posted to post office on the same day, and the next day it is on my doorstep already. So convenient right?

Etude House's AC Clean Up Pink Powder Spot!  If you are confused, there are 2 layer of this product, pink and clear layer. What you gotta do is take a dab of it with cotton bud without shaking and apply it evenly on the pimple, note that it works wonder on pimple ready to be popped? Get what I mean? I have tried this product on new freshly acne and it did not work but some review said it works wonder on few days old pimple so maybe gotta try that next time.

ETUDE HOUSE's Wonder Pore range. I really like the toner/freshener! I've been meaning to search for good toner to replace my 'ol Clean n Clear toner, mind that toner does not cause redness on my face. I've tried several drugstores brand like Garnier toner, Clean n Clear, Oxy and all of them were so harsh and cause horrible redness around my face. I decided to try my hand on this ETUDE HOUSE's Wonder Pore toner and it was not disappointing. It was so light and refreshing and most of all, does not dried out my face. My face appear less oily for the rest of the day! Damn happyy :D

Sadly, the cleanser does not really works wonder. Well, now I incorporated double cleansing so first step is my Laneige's Cleansing oil to scrub away any dirts, sebum and followed by this Wonder Pore's deep foaming cleanser. The effect was amazing. It clears up my cystic acne that has been lingering on my face for over a month. I've tried this Wonder Pore's cleanser alone and it was not really working well, caused breakout on my face. But when I use it as double cleanser, it works pretty good together with the Laneige's cleansing oil!

I need to thank the stars above the day I found out about this cleansing oil. Actually, my encounters of double cleansing came by unexpectedly. My friend's sister left her leftover She Uemura's cleansing oil, I did not bring my face cleanser that time so I thought, this cleansing oil will do. I was amazed by how bright and clean my face was. At first, I thought my face was already oily so why smeared more oil? Little did I know, oil cleansing works wonder to cleanse out dirts, sebum, and even blackheads, things what foam cleanser could not do, how I wish I knew this earlier. I browsed Hermo and they have this Laneige's Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil on trial size so I decided to gave it a try (partly becoz Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil range was so pricey lah!)

Anyway, I was so amazed with this Laneige's Cleansing Oil after I finished out the trial bottle, I bought the full size one! My face has never been better.

Nature Republic's Aloe Vera must-haves!! My first trying out their best-seller's  Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel! It was a multi-function gel that I can use almost for anything. Face pack, moisturiser, as a hair serum to helps prevent dry ends and split ends, and sometimes I dab it to my arms and hands to give a cooling effect and to protect my skin from prolonged exposure of harmful stuffs, like pollution, UV Rays and stuff. I found that the mist and gel almost have similar function, just a little bit different in terms of practicality. I like the mist version better because I can pop it in my bag and use it whenever I'm in need of something to soothe off my skin when I'm on the go or just to refresh me on hot and sunny weather in Malaysia. (psst, the mist is not oily and gets absorbed really well too, just like the gel version)

The gel version I normally use before sleep as a face pack and I wakes up with soft and dewy feeling on my face. I like :3

So yeah that's basically simple review of my Hermo's Haul! I really appreciate Hermo for taking an extra effort to bringing us beauty products with affordable price (even cheaper than store prices!) and I applaud their customer service and their efficiency on their service. Not a day goes by without me checking out Hermo's site lolol def not good for my wallet :(

Apr 26, 2017

about yesterday

Ate so much things at Sunway Pyramid yesterday that I feel like such a pig lolol. Anyway, can't resist the temptations so what to do lo.

Beef bowl (R) at Yoshinoya! By the way, Yoshinoya in Msia and Indonesia tastes bit different, I'm not sure since I'm a fan of Yoshinoya in Indonesia and I was so happy when they decided to open one in Msia, but maybe it was just me I prefer Indonesia one. ^^ Still taste yummy la enough to fulfill my craving haha. The beef was so tender and juicy I could never get enough.

KW's bowl of chicken yakitori with ontama (hard boiled egg) 

Bought a packet of Famous Amos cookie since I haven't eat them like forever. Did a little bit of research and actually the original founder of this company/secret recipe of the chocochip cookie has sold his share of the company and opens up a muffin shop on his own! Here is the article for reference, in case anyone cares hahaha. 

Teddy bear bouquet!!

Sangkaya Coconut Ice Cream!! Missed this so much I impulsively bought a cup when I walked pass by hahaha. Is it just me or they reduced the amount of coconuts they used? I feel like it tastes less coconut-ty (?) weeee.

At Snowflake. They give out this beeping UFO for you to collect the order. The description was cute it made me chuckle. 

My forever favourite hot bowl of Snowflake's bestseller!! Herbal Grassjelly with red beans, boba pearls, and taro balls topped with small cup of creamer!! Heavenly delicious!! 

They didn't give this cup of creamer by themselves, so you have to request it to the staff. Last time they gives this on every purchase of bestseller bowl, but now you have to personally go to counter and ask for it. I thought this was extra charges at first, so I did not go and ask for the creamer, but on my second visit I asked for it and they gave it for free. I mean, what's a bowl of Taiwan dessert without this leh??

TARO BALLS!! I could eat lots and lots of this and totally don't mind! Hahaha.