Jun 8, 2014


Currently in love with Taylor Swift's Red, probably because it has quite a catchy tunes. Never been a fan of Taylor Swift before, and it has nothing to do with rumour that she dated guys just for inspiration for her songs, but I found myself danced secretly and humming Red's today while cooking instant noodle haha.

I cooked a brand new instant noodle today, and it was damn freakin spicy, like seriously. It was from Korea and far as I know Korea is a fan of spiciness, like all indonesians do, no wonder. I bought it just because the packaging looked cute, with orange and red colour in it, silly huh? And I regretted it because my tongue felt like burned eating that noodle. But, it's quite tasty I should say. 

Boyfriend got mad at me yesterday because I accidentaly switched off his laptop while he was downloading some kind of games, that I don't know what, I felt like he was mad for nothing. I mean,  I didn't mean to do it, and he got mad at me because he had to start everything for all over again. Geez, so annoying. I went sleep without saying anything, and now I felt a bit guilty. Whatever. He shouldn't be mad and all furious because I've done a tiny little mistakes, right? 

I found myself hating, I know we all must be hating a few or someone in our life, but I just can't helped it. It's contagious, and dangerous. You will spreading some bad rumours behind them, you bad-mouthed them, and you are wishing that certain people dissapear and never existed. Bad, isn't it?  You wish you can do anything to them, but at some point, you can't. No need to be so detail, but they're my bf's sibling / or should I say that? But blood is thicker than anything, so yeahh. That can't be helped, so I will just let them be. I found it unhealthy for myself, too. I felt blahhh about them but I got tired arguing and fighting about this matter, so I chose to let it be. It's useless to pick a fight over someone that is not worthy, that's what I thought. So, I ain't give a single fuck.

I was starting to play Pokemon again, but this time I play SoulSilver version one. I got myself excited, because my Eevee and Togepi evolved into Umbreon and Togetic haha. I love Pokemon because it feels like you own a virtual pet and you have to take care of it for them to evolve into the more cute forms. Yeaa, but now I stuck on 6th Gym's Leader haha. Gotta beat 'em all! :D 

P.S: this video just made my day heheh they both such a hotness yumm.

Talk to ya'll later! See you

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