Oct 19, 2015

thanks ❤️

oh hey,

I actually wanted to say all this but I guess messenger won't fit the whole things I'm going to say so I just write it here. :p

-Thank you for always changing to my favorite radio channel everytime I got in to the car. 
-Thank you for constantly bringing me to do things that I always thought impossible.
-Thank you for showing a whole new world that i never even knew it was exists.
-Thank you for driving extra miles just to bring me out for dinner, it means a lot to me for you to spending your time in between of your hectic schedule. :)
-Thank you for teaching me a lot of useful things for my future lol (driving, pump a petrol of my own, filling nitrogen to tyres, exploring whole KL with just both legs) haha
-Thank you for always driving me safely back home.
-Thank you for always putting an effort for bringing me to new places to try, though we both sucks at directions (this is when WAZE come to the rescue :p)
-Thank you for spending on me. I really am happy to be once an important people in your life, as you are to me.
-Thank you for taught me that I have so much more that I can do, i adore you because of it.
-Thank you for always putting up with my temper, it's been hard but i'm glad it was over for you.
-Thank you for trusting, sticking through thick and thins, and not walking away when things are hard for us. 
-Thank you for always say I'm pretty without any makeup or fancy clothes on.
-Thank you for the hugs, unexpected kisses, and thousand of sweet gestures. 
-Thank you for laughing when i imitate the rabbit's facial expression :p it made my day
-Thank you for not giving up, if you know what i mean.
-Thank you for being the first guy I have ever known to cried for me. It really hurts for me too, actually.
-Thank you for the teasings, laughter, tears, happy and sad things we have gone through.

Basically, just thank you for existed for a short amount of time in my life, my world got a little bit lighter with you in it :3

(though im hoping just a little bit longer with you)

when we meet again, do you think we can try again for a next shot? i have learned my lesson already and when we got to see each other again, i hope it'd be the everlasting one ;p (do you hope so too?) hehe


p.s: i miss having you around, like a lot. i hope you are doing well over there :) 

Oct 11, 2015


It was Saturday morning as normal as it can get to be, I was minding my own business while my favorite channel HBO Hits re-broadcasted my favorite movie ever since I was at 7th grade, ''10 Things I Hate About You''   it's been quite some time since the last time I watched it, and I got pretty excited I just got to write about it. :D

Here is what makes me feel so happy everytime I watch this movie
  •  Set in 99's which means; checkered shirts, ripped jeans, shorty bob haircuts, music gigs, and.... first spotted Joseph-Gordon Levitt in this movie and he did not really catch my eyes in this movie. Puberty hit him then boom...!
  • Heath Ledger. Heath Ledger, Heath Ledger... do I need to say more? He was sucha hottie..
  • lots and lots of pretty clique scenes. unexpected kissing scene in the car, asking the girl out by giving some public humiliation (although it is Heath Ledger, i really don't mind obviously..)
  •  end of the movie kissing scene just so....... you guys know which one i'm talking about rite? :p
I personally love the story plot, although it is kinda predictable. And the soundtracks was just too good and so refreshing. 

Anyway,  I have just grow a liking towards Girls' Generation *cough* future SONES *cough* I forgot how and when exactly but little did I know, I just can't stop to play some of theirs songs (ITNW, Gee, Oh!, Paparazzi, Divine)I deserve rotten tomatoes to throw because I used to say meh about korean pop music and judging them only depends on skinny thighs and plastic barbie face. Yeah.. I guess everything that too much is not always good haha i just can not stop dancing around and singing along now. :3


Oct 2, 2015

after the rain. ♥

 Visited ArtExpo Malaysia 2015 couple of few weeks ago. I have never really been into art actually, but the exhibition is not really bad though, in fact it was pretty awesome. At least I did managed to stand for 3 hours haha.



 almost can't stand the cuteness ♥


a proper selfie of us amongst all the photos that we took, like finally.. by the way, i can't wait to be back in your arms again. lovestruck mode: ON :D

my favorite ice cream parlor in Malaysia. The salted-caramel flavor is always to die for :D check 'em out Fatbaby Ice Cream

Some of this you probably have seen it on my instagram, heck yea.. i felt like i did not uploaded a lot of photos on this blog, i'm more active on instagram actually. Oh, I finally have time to do some major changes on my blog layout. It is still quite messy, and I still have to fix the HTML codes, make the header and uploaded it.. anyway, what do you think of the new layout? 

after the rain - adhitia sofyan
about the song: the simple thought of missing someone that’s far far away.

If I could bottled the smell of the wet land after the rain
I’d make it a perfume and send it to your house
If one in a million stars suddenly will hit satellite
I’ll pick some pieces, they’ll be on your way

In a far land across
You’re standing at the sea
Then the wind blows the scent
And that little star will there to guide me

If only I could find my way to the ocean
I’m already there with you
If somewhere down the line
We will never get to meet
I’ll always wait for you after the rain

p.s: been missing you like cray cray, wondering if u feel the same way too ♥

Sep 28, 2015

blank space.

Here comes my last day in Singapore. Because my purpose of coming here was not for vacation and leisure at all, but purely just to fix my crumpled mind I did not going out much. I was staying at friend's apartment and pretty much chilling whole day.

We only went out to grab something to eat, a take away Subways or phone up to get a delivery of chinese food nearby, enjoying some chinese movies on TV and found out few of it were actually pretty good. We both cried at 1 time t____t

It feels good to finally find someone to talk and not being a judgemental ass at all. He just sat there and let me do the talking whole time. We should have met sooner like seriously.. -_-

As always, I did not know how to end up a blog post hmm so will keep you updated later xx

Sep 26, 2015

Quick Update

I'm in Singapore with the earliest flight this morning for short getaway and I could not be happier. I was so busy sightseeing right away after I put my luggage at hotel I did not have any intention to open up my phone and check on all social medias. Heck, such a rare occasion that is. 
And, the part that I dd turned off my phone whole day is no joke. I seriously think I need to distant myself a little bit. I need time to re-think and re-consider everything. 

Need to go to bed now. Will try my best to write on this space again, tbh I kinda miss blogging days.

Hope everyone's doing well xx

Jul 24, 2015

help wanted

I don't know what I'm doing with my life recently and it seems that my life has fallen apart and it is kinda scary. I don't have a clue what I'm going to do in life, while everyone seems to move forward and confident about what they do. 


Jul 15, 2015

feel good inc

Been to so many places recently with bf before I fly back to Indonesia. I realise I didn't updated this blog as much as I used to but can't be helped. Now finally got time to blog since I'm at Jakarta already and blogged via my iMac. Man, life without laptop sure is tough :( need to save up a penny from now on for Macbook Pro 13 inch next year.

Going to upload photos that I have taken over a few weeks or months, all taken with my iPhone. Enjoy lulz xx

had to take candid photos of him as a revenge bcz he always took a snapshots of mine secretly too :D

never get enough of Fatbaby Ice Cream at SS15, Subang. By far the best ice cream waffle I've had in Malaysia no kidding :p

selfie with wind blowsss 

excuse us for being too greedy haha at that famous Puchong Yong Tau Foo 

hanging out in front of Malaysia's PM's working place lullzz (Putrajaya) bf definitely not good at taking pic hahah

Nana's Green Tea at Midvalley. Tempted to bought this called-so-good-looking dorayaki on instagram but tasted like rubber ban instead. The bean paste and the rice cake tasted weird and bf keep teasing me that i should've bought auntie's anne choice eclairs instead T___T duhh

actually still got a lot of pics i wanted to share but too lazy to upload it and i'm going out to have dinner now so catch you later :)

May 24, 2015

R We There Yet??

I spent my Sunday by moving most of my blog posts on my dropbox account, and by doing that I feel like growing up. I have been blogging since first year of junior high school, one of an impulsive decision that I made back then, because having your own page on the internet sounded cool on 2007, besides, I was having a really huge crush with someone and I used this blog to write how desperate I was to be with him, and years goes by, I can say this blog has been here for me when nobody else was. Well, anyway I decided to start on a new blank page today, by exported most of my blog posts on dropbox and by doing that, I feel like I'm letting go a part of my life and  and I hope I'm not as emo as I used to be now. 

Anyway, I may not known as a person who's always telling the truth, but I have always been honest when I blog, so here is a confession I would like to make. I admit I was a sentimental person, I take things to the extreme, I guess this has nothing to do with sign, but I was born under Pisces sign so I hope that explains (?) hahaha. I feel things too deeply, and I may seem appear as too dependent on someone. 

Today is Sunday, but I was feeling as gloom as I can be today. I get mad with someone for apparently no reason at all. I get upset, at the point that I almost feeling like I need to take a break from this relationship. Call me a crybaby, spoiled brat, a loner, or sentimental heart, well you name it... I do any annoying things a girl can do, I purposely ignore the phone calls, I said rude things and whatsoever. We were doing good yesterday, had fun, getting lost, exploring the city and so on. I guess today was not my day at all, I got very mad with things  that I should really get used to it by now.    

Anyhow, after I cooled down I started to feel uneasy about myself. I should not do this,that, and that goes on. I admit I was being selfish, although this someone has given me all he has got, but I still ask for more than he is capable of. And, that is wrapped up my day today. We did made it up, but it got me thinking about so many things now. I always be the one that sacrifices everything, and that I always I ended up with miserable relationship. But, to be frank, I'm just too afraid of losing. The idea of losing is just too unbearable so I'm doing whatever it takes to prevent it, to the point until I'm hurting myself.

I'm graduating soon, and it terrifies me. I don't want to lose him, and it may sounds cheesy, but I do feel that way. Today, I found out that he actually cares. I  feel bad about myself, by judging him this and that, when in fact, I did not see what he actually did to make me happy. 

I cried. I did cried a lot, but I have never cried this much and hating myself at the same time.

I hate it when I'm wishing he would always be here for me, I hate it when I'm getting upset when he is leaving, I'm afraid being too happy when we are together, keep thinking this is just temporary. I hate being a person that feels too deeply, because they say the harder and deeper you feel, the bigger the pain and dissapointment you will get. 

I feel happy when I see him, yet I'm feeling sad.
But, they say life is too short if you worry too much, I've came to believe that now. 

i'm going nuts had to spent sunday by doing chores and cleaning up my room but i'm getting by just fantastic ahahaha :D

May 13, 2015

i scream for ice cream.

So I just had quite a shitty days back then few days ago, I forgot what to be exact, since I'm getting annoyed way too easily by little things. Anyway, I decided to stroll around with a friend at Sunway Pyramid and after burnt a hole on my wallet by buying unecessary stuffs at H&M, I found a new ice cream stall. The shape is weird and I have been reading a few reviews about it on instagram and some blogs, saying this ice cream is not really worth your money, and I can totally relate! 9 RM for a corn shaped ice cream with so-so taste? Meh. I've tried this one time but my friend hasn't. So, being a really good friend I encouraged him to buy for himself an 1 for me haha.

(such an eye-pleasing hahaha..)

Apr 24, 2015

don't you worry there, my honey.

a lot of things happened in the past 3 months i abandoned my blog. i know, i should have blog more since i love to look back to the past and uhm, sometimes reluctant to move forward.. and blogging really makes me happy by clicking around the archives and somehow make me feel like time-travel does exist. well yeah start to talking crap here. nah, in case you are interested, i will jotted it down a few not so important things below;

-i just turned 21 last february, and somehow i feel empty inside. it's weird, but anyhow, i don't feel any excitement on birthdays, not like everybody else.
-someone flew all the way from indonesia to malaysia with a bouquet of flowers and an instax mini 25s as a present on my birthday. really made my day... but if you asked.. nope we didn't make it official, for some reasons. duh.
-i've met someone, and he makes me happier than i could ever be.
-i found secret app is funny.
-installed tinder and swiped right bunch of guys i didn't know! man that was fun until i get bored and uninstalled it out of the blue haha.
-thinking to go for a partying once i finished my degree; but the idea of dancing endlessly whole night and sitting with a bunch of people you don't know is suffocating me so this is not kinda my thing i guess :p
-i'm dating someone right now and he is amazing though sometimes he drives me nuts.

i've been listening non-stop to you & i by inggrid michaelson and she reminds of she & him which i really love!

don't you worry there, my honey
we might not have any money
but we got our love to pay the bills.

(nah, kidding. of course you have to work your asses off.. but still i heart this song.)

Jan 10, 2015

current mood: blue.

Would you call me if you can
I'm waiting underneath it all
All the mess and the chaos you've caused
Now you're nowhere to be found

 So tell me I'm trying to define
 The meaning of unconditional love
 When it puts you faced down on the ground
 You're out there sailing away
 And maybe a deadly storm will come and catch you
 Lightning thunder will strike you
 It hits your head so hard you'll come to me

 It's all right I totally understand
They're greener on the other side
 And the sun will shine brighter everyday
I guess that's where all the light goes
 And I'm ok, I hope the best for you

Remember to go out and have fun
You could spend the day out in the ocean
I heard the water's fine over there

 I guess I 'll learn to come by without you
And somewhere out there I'm sure God is watching you close
But then maybe his deadly storm will come and catch you
Lightning thunder will strike you
It hits your head so hard you'll come to me

Adhitia Sofyan -- Deadly Storm Lightning Thunder


.... still trying to get to your heart, guess it won't be easy. but i hope you are worth of my time. :)

Jan 1, 2015


I guess every girl was born with an FBI's DNA on them, yeaaa that includes me. I should be rewarded for my ability to stalk. Here i am, counting things i know about you.. and i really wish you'd give me a chance to get to know you more.

and here it goes..

-you look cute with glasses. and by cute, i mean it is damn sexy and appealing at the same time.
-you really do love singing, don't you?
-you are funny, witty, mysterious and makes me wanting more, not in a kinky way. ;)

dear you.

you might have no idea i keep playing that scene when we were out and catch a movie together, and i'm telling you.. i stupidly smile for no reason at all. i can still feel that warmth of your hands. i was wondering where have you been all this time, and why you and i didn't meet sooner. but i guess that's just God's way of telling me that everything happens for a reason. :)

.... i keep reminding myself not to get attached to you, but i guess it can't be helped. i'm not sure about your feelings towards me, so i hope you will catch a signs that i'm sending.  

p.s: i wholeheartedly wish that you don't read my blog..... or else you'd think i'm sort of a psycho and you'd freak out. :p