Apr 24, 2015

don't you worry there, my honey.

a lot of things happened in the past 3 months i abandoned my blog. i know, i should have blog more since i love to look back to the past and uhm, sometimes reluctant to move forward.. and blogging really makes me happy by clicking around the archives and somehow make me feel like time-travel does exist. well yeah start to talking crap here. nah, in case you are interested, i will jotted it down a few not so important things below;

-i just turned 21 last february, and somehow i feel empty inside. it's weird, but anyhow, i don't feel any excitement on birthdays, not like everybody else.
-someone flew all the way from indonesia to malaysia with a bouquet of flowers and an instax mini 25s as a present on my birthday. really made my day... but if you asked.. nope we didn't make it official, for some reasons. duh.
-i've met someone, and he makes me happier than i could ever be.
-i found secret app is funny.
-installed tinder and swiped right bunch of guys i didn't know! man that was fun until i get bored and uninstalled it out of the blue haha.
-thinking to go for a partying once i finished my degree; but the idea of dancing endlessly whole night and sitting with a bunch of people you don't know is suffocating me so this is not kinda my thing i guess :p
-i'm dating someone right now and he is amazing though sometimes he drives me nuts.

i've been listening non-stop to you & i by inggrid michaelson and she reminds of she & him which i really love!

don't you worry there, my honey
we might not have any money
but we got our love to pay the bills.

(nah, kidding. of course you have to work your asses off.. but still i heart this song.)