May 13, 2015

i scream for ice cream.

So I just had quite a shitty days back then few days ago, I forgot what to be exact, since I'm getting annoyed way too easily by little things. Anyway, I decided to stroll around with a friend at Sunway Pyramid and after burnt a hole on my wallet by buying unecessary stuffs at H&M, I found a new ice cream stall. The shape is weird and I have been reading a few reviews about it on instagram and some blogs, saying this ice cream is not really worth your money, and I can totally relate! 9 RM for a corn shaped ice cream with so-so taste? Meh. I've tried this one time but my friend hasn't. So, being a really good friend I encouraged him to buy for himself an 1 for me haha.

(such an eye-pleasing hahaha..)

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