Jul 15, 2015

feel good inc

Been to so many places recently with bf before I fly back to Indonesia. I realise I didn't updated this blog as much as I used to but can't be helped. Now finally got time to blog since I'm at Jakarta already and blogged via my iMac. Man, life without laptop sure is tough :( need to save up a penny from now on for Macbook Pro 13 inch next year.

Going to upload photos that I have taken over a few weeks or months, all taken with my iPhone. Enjoy lulz xx

had to take candid photos of him as a revenge bcz he always took a snapshots of mine secretly too :D

never get enough of Fatbaby Ice Cream at SS15, Subang. By far the best ice cream waffle I've had in Malaysia no kidding :p

selfie with wind blowsss 

excuse us for being too greedy haha at that famous Puchong Yong Tau Foo 

hanging out in front of Malaysia's PM's working place lullzz (Putrajaya) bf definitely not good at taking pic hahah

Nana's Green Tea at Midvalley. Tempted to bought this called-so-good-looking dorayaki on instagram but tasted like rubber ban instead. The bean paste and the rice cake tasted weird and bf keep teasing me that i should've bought auntie's anne choice eclairs instead T___T duhh

actually still got a lot of pics i wanted to share but too lazy to upload it and i'm going out to have dinner now so catch you later :)

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