Oct 19, 2015

thanks ❤️

oh hey,

I actually wanted to say all this but I guess messenger won't fit the whole things I'm going to say so I just write it here. :p

-Thank you for always changing to my favorite radio channel everytime I got in to the car. 
-Thank you for constantly bringing me to do things that I always thought impossible.
-Thank you for showing a whole new world that i never even knew it was exists.
-Thank you for driving extra miles just to bring me out for dinner, it means a lot to me for you to spending your time in between of your hectic schedule. :)
-Thank you for teaching me a lot of useful things for my future lol (driving, pump a petrol of my own, filling nitrogen to tyres, exploring whole KL with just both legs) haha
-Thank you for always driving me safely back home.
-Thank you for always putting an effort for bringing me to new places to try, though we both sucks at directions (this is when WAZE come to the rescue :p)
-Thank you for spending on me. I really am happy to be once an important people in your life, as you are to me.
-Thank you for taught me that I have so much more that I can do, i adore you because of it.
-Thank you for always putting up with my temper, it's been hard but i'm glad it was over for you.
-Thank you for trusting, sticking through thick and thins, and not walking away when things are hard for us. 
-Thank you for always say I'm pretty without any makeup or fancy clothes on.
-Thank you for the hugs, unexpected kisses, and thousand of sweet gestures. 
-Thank you for laughing when i imitate the rabbit's facial expression :p it made my day
-Thank you for not giving up, if you know what i mean.
-Thank you for being the first guy I have ever known to cried for me. It really hurts for me too, actually.
-Thank you for the teasings, laughter, tears, happy and sad things we have gone through.

Basically, just thank you for existed for a short amount of time in my life, my world got a little bit lighter with you in it :3

(though im hoping just a little bit longer with you)

when we meet again, do you think we can try again for a next shot? i have learned my lesson already and when we got to see each other again, i hope it'd be the everlasting one ;p (do you hope so too?) hehe


p.s: i miss having you around, like a lot. i hope you are doing well over there :) 

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