Feb 16, 2016


Anyone mind giving me a super big hug because I seriously need it more than anything now haha. Spent Valentine's Day few days ago watched Deadpool movie. I am not into superheroes thingy but oh boy I really enjoyed Deadpool, in fact, I was thinking that 109 minutes went by too fast! I want more T.T

Just got a letter from uni stated my internship will be starting on 28th March 2015. Meanwhile, I still haven't make up my mind about the placement. That's the problem with me, my indecisive side takes charge in every aspect of my life *sigh* can't you believe I spent almost 15 mins on cereal section in supermarket because I just can't decide which goddamn cereal I should pick? Ugh.

Tried San Na Deul Korean BBQ at Empire Damansara for Valentine's Day dinner with bae. Very satisfactory indeed. It was ala carte buffet so it was very worthwhile every penny haha or is just me being a cheapskate? They played Girls' Generation playlist on the restaurant which I like so much so I guess I'm gonna give them a 5 rated stars on Facebook hahaha. The only downside is the meaty smell of the BBQ on your hair, and it was really strong! Seriously, the smell still remain even after I washed and applied conditioner and hair serum. Ugh. 

I'm currently into The Big Bang Theory series now. It was too late, I know, but I'm hooked! I seriously love it to the bits!

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It's February already, and it means my birthday soon. It feels unreal, quoted from what Penny said, ''Where did all those times go?'' it feels like just yesterday I turned 21, and here I am, turn 22 soon. Taylor Swift's 22 gonna be on my top playlist then. Don't feel like growing up, but have to. Kinda frustating.