Mar 27, 2016

a munchkin furball

I have always loved dogs. I like animals, but dogs have always hold a special place in my heart. I would scream hysterically whenever I see dogs everywhere, try to approach them and simply pat them in the head or scratch its neck would definitely lift up my mood.

A friend of mine sent me a photo of his miniature poodle above. It was so cute and I'm looking forward the day I can meet him in real life and play with him. I have feel in love.<3 p="">

Mar 19, 2016

reclamation points

I started to think that whole life was a mess, and to think that everyone around seems to have their life on track is really frustates me. It seems like every little thing i do leads to disaster, just like charlie brown. oh god, help. I won't write the current disaster I'm in on the blog, just to give some bigger picture.

I'm not into studying, or university or whatsoever. Oh just forget it, I honestly don't know what I wanted to do in life. A doctor, a painter, or a cashier or Mcdonalds?? Y' know, I seriously don't have any idea. I have been living off my 22 years of my life with the norm, I had to go to school, studying, graduated from school and university because society wants it that way. I enrolled to university, because once again, everyone does that. And it would be weird if you're doing a different ways.

Hey, what if i want to ditch school and go on a trip to Africa and rescuing leopards?? Since I was little, I have been told that the only way to survive is to getting a proper education and start to look for a job and pay off the bills. Heh, my dad did not even attend university but he is doing just fine.

I have to finish my degree although i can't bear it any longer. I just want to get away from these stuffs and do whatever i want. Ugh. No wonder I was so obsessed of the idea of marriage. I know I have been such a wishy-washy but i just can't help! If i telling this kind of stuff to anyone they would point a finger on me and says that i'm some kind of ungrateful bitch that don't know how to appreciate a good things that i'm able to have a chance of studying abroad. I did not ask for that, and why is wrong with wanting to do something else besides sit in the classroom and studying?

just for once, i want my life to be back in track. i needed help of genie, magic lamp, time machine, or guardian angel (if that really exists, because they says you have one!) or anything!


Mar 18, 2016

service sucks by poslaju malaysia..


OK.. i try to rephrase my word above but seems like i can't find any other words to describe how lousy Poslaju service is!!

I'm waiting for my parcel for like.... 4 fucking days (their motto was Dijamin Esok Sampai**) its funny because they did not even live up to their motto. Heh. They put my parcel on Puchong PPL for 2 days and did not even attempt delivery!! And yesterday I checked on the system it says, ''Unsuccesful Delivery'' how come?? I was home whole day and it is either the postman too lazy to honk or they DID NOT even go to my address. I did not receive any ''SORRY.. WE WERE HERE.'' card that they usually slip on if the person is not available for receiving parcel. I looked up on the internet and found a lot of people also complaining about the same thing. And.. I found the answer. The postman did not even try to deliver the item although the system says, ''Delivery Process''.


I was thinking of another theory that maybe my address was the only one on the list so they did not even bother to deliver the item. Eh hello.... i paid shipping fee for you to deliver the fucking item to my doorstep! So I don't have to spend extra money for transport or petrol or toll to bust my own ass and get my parcel at the post office. ARGHH.. 

I lost trust on how goverment employees works like seriously! It's like they don't bother about service at all and just lazing around like a slakoth whole day. I tried to call the contact number they provide on the website but NO ONE... I repeat... NO FUCKING ONE picks up the call although its working hour! Are they deaf??


The system updated to be ''Item arrived at destination'' at Puchong PPL. GREAT! Now they returned the parcel back to the post office and expect me to go there and pick up the parcel on my own. JUST GREAT. I was hoping for second attempt delivery but it seems like I don't have to bother about that. I have to get the item by myself.. ughz... T.T

POSLAJU, better you change your name to POSLAMBAT, and change your motto to ''Delivering Your Items Whenever I Want'' ARGH i'm really frustated about this.

**Guarantee 1 day arrive.*

Mar 16, 2016


Was backuping my photos from phone to Google Drive now so uploading an images from phone is a breeze. Can't believe I didn't do it sooner.

Just wanted to uploading some old photos that I feel should be uploaded here haha.

Their banana king cake is a must have here! 
Lifetime supply of snacks from dad's friend from Japan. Wooho!
U Dessert SS2

Dip 'n Dip, Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia
Fatbaby Ice Cream
Mee Pok at SS2
their red bean cake melt in the mouth is just.. yum :D