Mar 18, 2016

service sucks by poslaju malaysia..


OK.. i try to rephrase my word above but seems like i can't find any other words to describe how lousy Poslaju service is!!

I'm waiting for my parcel for like.... 4 fucking days (their motto was Dijamin Esok Sampai**) its funny because they did not even live up to their motto. Heh. They put my parcel on Puchong PPL for 2 days and did not even attempt delivery!! And yesterday I checked on the system it says, ''Unsuccesful Delivery'' how come?? I was home whole day and it is either the postman too lazy to honk or they DID NOT even go to my address. I did not receive any ''SORRY.. WE WERE HERE.'' card that they usually slip on if the person is not available for receiving parcel. I looked up on the internet and found a lot of people also complaining about the same thing. And.. I found the answer. The postman did not even try to deliver the item although the system says, ''Delivery Process''.


I was thinking of another theory that maybe my address was the only one on the list so they did not even bother to deliver the item. Eh hello.... i paid shipping fee for you to deliver the fucking item to my doorstep! So I don't have to spend extra money for transport or petrol or toll to bust my own ass and get my parcel at the post office. ARGHH.. 

I lost trust on how goverment employees works like seriously! It's like they don't bother about service at all and just lazing around like a slakoth whole day. I tried to call the contact number they provide on the website but NO ONE... I repeat... NO FUCKING ONE picks up the call although its working hour! Are they deaf??


The system updated to be ''Item arrived at destination'' at Puchong PPL. GREAT! Now they returned the parcel back to the post office and expect me to go there and pick up the parcel on my own. JUST GREAT. I was hoping for second attempt delivery but it seems like I don't have to bother about that. I have to get the item by myself.. ughz... T.T

POSLAJU, better you change your name to POSLAMBAT, and change your motto to ''Delivering Your Items Whenever I Want'' ARGH i'm really frustated about this.

**Guarantee 1 day arrive.*

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