Aug 16, 2016

when i met you in the summer.

Photos from trip to Bali last year. Yeah yeah, I know... it is waaay to late but better late than never. I have never liked Bali, it's a shame because I am an Indonesian. But, everytime I think of Bali, it is like not a part of Indonesia anymore. Bali is too westernized, or at least that was popped up on my mind everytime. Fun fact: our travel guide said Bali is desirable tourist destination for Hollywood celebrities because they are literally invisible there. Even Mick Jagger can walking around in Bali with short pants and no one noticed it. Woah... I don't really mind bumping into Jason Statham or Daniel Craig and it would be impossible not to notice it hahaha fangirl mode: on. When my dad came up with the idea to spent 2 days of Aidil Fitri holiday in Bali, I was quite skeptical and should I say, not really looking forward to it?  Well, anyway, I don't really remember how it went because it was a year ago and I just cleaning up my cameras when I plugged out the memory card and found these photos.

I realized I seldom uploading photos to my blog hahaha and there are not many photos in this post because I sorted it out and pick less than 10 to edited it.

First stop is Luwak plantation coffee. Luwak is rarest type of coffee made from the fermentation of coffee cherries from this cutie little one here and extracted with special acids and enzymes on his stomach producing world's rarest coffee beans, yeah gross.. but I am even more worried about the animals. Do they get proper care and feeding well.. and so on. Sigh. We went there and they gave us few sampling cups of coffee with different flavors and it costs you IDR 50K  if you are interested to purchase a packet of it.

the highlight of our vacation: having dinner while watching the sun goes down. but it is a big let down because the food was so pricey and should I say.. overrated? Tasted mediocre too, so I guess you are really paying for the sunset then haha. Anyway, I remembered the sunset last about few seconds and we are busy clicking cameras, taking pictures and so on. Definitely a remarkable experience but I won't be coming back for second time.

When I met you in the summer
To my heartbeat sound
We fell in love
As the leaves turned brown

- Calvin Harris

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