Aug 14, 2016

late night confession.

Tried to downloaded a torrent of Adobe Photoshop but getting stuck with this password download thingy. It keeps on asking me to watch stupid dumb ass videos (which I did try to watch, because I need to download the password, BUT this stupid and i suspect some scam video streaming websites keep asking me for credit card details and refuse to let me watch their stupid vids until I do so.) and BUNCH of pointless surveys which leads to nothing after I have done filling it up no matter how ridiculous the questions are.

Purchasing the software for RM 300/year does not seem too bad, because I don't want to be bothered EVER AGAIN with cracked software or pirated software. Yep, they might seem tempting, believe me, I was tempted too.. but the super complicated and exhausting steps pissing me off. Meh. I really don't mind paying rm 300 for a genuine one if it is saving me from headache.

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