Aug 21, 2016

Sozo Japanese Restaurant review @ Sunway Giza Mall

I have always been a fan of buffet (who doesn't?) The idea of stuffing yourself with so many varieties of foods to choose from always makes me happy. 

Malaysia spoil me with different choices of buffet restaurants, even the most bizzare buffet I couldn't even think of (durian buffet.. eekkk!) shabu-shabu, steamboat, dimsum, western, pasta, japanese, well you name it. I have tried most of 'em and I should say I'm gonna miss all of those when I going back for good.

Sozo Japanese Restaurant @ Sunway Giza Mall is newly player when it comes to Japanese buffet. Japanese restaurants has been mushrooming in Selangor area recently and they even come up with clever idea, Japanese ala-carte buffet! Y know, if you visit Japanese restaurants frequently (Sakae Sushi, Sushi Tei, Sushi King, etc) it can cost a bomb to order even few dishes only. And that is when Japanese buffet restaurants come in rescue hahaha. The old-fashioned japanese buffet (by old-fashioned I mean those pre-cooked foods in mass and keep in warmer, that you need to queue with aunties, not to mention you don't have any idea how long those foods have been sitting there) like Shogun, Saisaki, and Janggun (tried all of 'em, and it was pretty awful) are the first pioneer of Japanese buffets restaurants in Malaysia.

Having a pretty bad experience with those buffet restaurants (diarrhea, food taste weird and cold, and expensive price) I was craving for something new. Ala-carte Japanese buffet is the answer, because:

  1. It was cooked upon order, so you are guaranteed to get a freshly-cooked and warm food in your table.
  2. The price is cheaper, much much cheaper compare with Shogun or Jogoya and surprisingly it tastes much better and yummier.
  3. No more fighting to take foods with aunties (yeah kiasu aunties, i'm looking at ya) those who pilled up their plates with foods enough for whole kampong and ended up being wasted.. it hurts my heart pretty badly seeing that. :(
  4. Reducing the chance of food wasted. Y know, because it's prepared upon order and the portion is smaller. No more being greedy and stacking up your plates with foods you don't intend to eat in the end. This gives you room to sample more foods too. 
My senior asked me out to try Sozo and by hearing two words that i like so much, buffet and japanese, I immediately agree. And boy, it was definitely a feast to remember. :D

Sashimi! An all-time favorite and must have. I'm glad the sashimi was fresh and not too thick on the cutting. It was just nice.

forgot the name, but i think this was bamboo clam stir-fry thingy. I am not really a fan and this his order, he ate even before i got a chance to snapped a photo. T.T

soft shell crab mango salad with special sauce. I finished the soft shell but leave the veggies to him hahaha. 

salmon carpachio. Not too my liking, I prefer raw sashimi. Yasss..

We still sample a lot more foods than these, but unfortunately my phone battery died so I had to stop snapping photos. But overall, 8/10 for the rating. Some things need to be improved, like the ordering system, they delivered the wrong orders sometimes and even forget to delivering some of our orders. And, ice cream replenished slowly. Out of 3 ice cream tubes, 2 of 'em almost finish already but still remain that way until the last order. 

More info you can check out:

 (by the way, you can check out their menu for actual price of each foods you have to spend if you were to pay for each of it. It's awesome, you get to know if you already gain back your buffet money or not hahaha. My kiasuness reigns!)
Pricing, booking contact for reservation refer to this pic:

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