Aug 25, 2016

one afternoon

Strolling at Sunway Pyramid mall yesterday, actually I was supposed to buy a birthday cake but my favorite go-to bakery, Komugi, has shifted from their old place to a smaller and should I say.. lamer? The choice of the breads is lesser and they don't even have cakes and pudding section anymore? GOSH. So I put off the idea of buying cakes and just strolled arond. 

 gonna buy this next time. the review looks good and what attracts me the most is the cover haha.. pastel color me likeyyy x.x

Sylvanian Families surprisingly pretty popular in Malaysia

decided to kill time by watching Kayako vs Sadako. They did a pretty good job with the scary effects, and it did make me jumpy few times but that's it. The storyline and plot is kinda dissapointing. Watch if you have free time but don't expect a lot. 

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