Jan 18, 2017


Howdyy! I have been back for almost a month now and man it was so boring here. Only eat, sleep, watching tv and browse internet. CNY is next week and I'm not really happy about it, except for the ang pow lolll :D

I am having a COLD SORE these few days, like wtf.. it was so annoying and hurt like hell. Wouldn't say it's hurt but it was so itchy i have to hold myself not to fuckin scratch it otherwise it would leave a a keloid scar like wth like i don't have enough keloid scars to deal with. Applied bonjela cream but judging from my past experience with cold sore, the cream does not really help much, but at least it protects the scar from being exposed to bacteria which could slower the recovery.

talking about keloid scars, went to dermatology few days back to treat my keloids and doctor said that some of 'em are starts to flattened. HOORAAY. He prescribed mederma cream to treat the scar but i have always have problem with discipline about treating my scars... but i will try. *fingers crossed*

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