Feb 26, 2017

little bit older, little bit bolder

So yesterday, 25th February 2017, was my 23rd birthday. I don't really fancy birthday, I mean, who came up with the idea that you have to do celebration of getting older and closer to death? Though we all gonna die someday, but still.

I have never been a fan of birthday, I don't have any closest friend whom I can celebrate with. My parents, well of course they remember my birthday, but other than that, I don't have any best friend to celebrate. Call me bitter, but it is just who I am. I have lived whole my life this way and I am fine. So, yesterday my dad treated me at Shaburi at Pacific Place which is our favorite place to dine for their AYCE concept, last time it used to be Hanamasa, but they are getting worse, and now Jakarta has various choices when it comes to all you can eat shabu-shabu (Washoku Sato, Little Sheep, etc)

Too bad we did not snap any pictures, we are  famished so taking pictures is definitely not in our minds. We were too busy taking foods and swish swish the meat. Overall, Shaburi is a great place for shabu shabu and did I mention again it is buffet style, and I espescially love the tasty beef! I don't care how much weight I will be gaining, it is just so damn good I could finish off 5 plates on my own hahaha. On the cooked food section, I espescially love the chicken karaage! I normally did not take any food from hot food section, but the chicken karaage was so crunchy I ended up taking few more.

Uhm, I guess writing without providing any photos is useless lah haha so next time I pay a visit to Shaburi again, I will definitely be taking lotsa picturess and will be spamming this blog with food pics  xx

Toodles, and oh.. happy 23rd birthday once more for me! Damn, I'm getting old, it scares me TT

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