Feb 15, 2017

my thoughts about bullying.

Okay, honestly.. I don't normally write about these kind of things on my blog. First, because I feel like I don't have any knowledge and that was very sensitive topic to write or talk about. But honestly tho, if you are a victim of bullying you should not be afraid to speak up.

Few days ago, I was scrolling on facebook newsfeed. Amidst the overloaded hates, people spreading fake news/hoax, and baby pictures (UGH!) I still check on my facebook account regularly, because duh.. who doesn't like to kaypoh these days? :D

I came accross 1 post from a fella from one particular forum that i joined (which I do not intend to write the forum name here, and p.s: i have unfollowed the forum by now)

This fella is trying to sell a custom design t-shirt, apparently not the first time (kudos for the effort, btw!) and out of curiousity.. I clicked on the comment section. and I was stunned.

I was expecting normal comments like, ''PM.'' or ''Price?'' or whatever.. but what I read is bunch of comments calling him to just stop doing it because it is going nowhere. Like seriously.. WTF is wrong with you people??

Okay, I'm gonna be really honest here. The t-shirt wasn't appealing, nor it has spectacular design but still..  that doesn't give you reason to calling him names and flame him on social media. Some people actually dares to leave that stupid trash dove sticker on the comment and say ''I'm just gonna park here so i can see how this fella getting flamed on social media.'' How shameless.

When I leave 1 whole paragraph of comment saying that we should just leave him alone if we don't intend to purchase his stuff instead of calling him names and bully him at comment section I got so many responses discrediting him, my notification apparently very busy at that time #sorrynotsorry.

So, basically they told me that this fella has been a pain in the ass and that they try to be polite with him but the guy just doesn't bother, because actually he suffer from condition which prevents him to engage in social communications properly. Yeah, so what? That does not give you any reason to cyberbully him. One girl actually said it that i should just sit with him and see how poorly he behaves, and see if you can tahan not to bully him. Like seriously girl??? What is the difference if you, and I'm sorry to say, as a normal and educated person cyberbullying because apparently it was the right thing to do. #whereisthelogic

Just because he is such a pain does not mean you have to stoop that low and think,

''Oh well.. he is an ass anyway. So it is just right if he bullies him. He always throw tantrum and very uncomfortable to talk with. So, it is OK to just flaming him.''

NO. This is not right. Those people, they went to college, get a degree and have proper job. But why?? If he has some mental disabilities, then why are we normal people have to treat him that way? Yes, he may caused a disturbance, he is difficult to talk with, he throws tantrum but that does not gives you any rights to just bully him.

I have been called out names before. Fat, ugly, whore, someone actually made a fake account of me on twitter and spreading bad rumors (being a celebrity 101: having someone made a fake profile of you, checked ✓) and I know just how horrible it is. To this day, I still wonder what were those bullies of me thinking and how well they are doing right now. For bullies, it may have been 5 minutes of entertainment of your life, but it could have been a lifetime scars for people that you bullied.

I hope that fella doing well.. i really do.

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