Feb 27, 2017

Taeyeon's first full album released tomorrow!

My favorite Soshi member and so happen to be the kid leader, Taeyeon, gonna release her very first full album, My Voice,  by 28th February 2017, after 2 mini albums, 2 SM Station projects, and 1 digital single! So so excited espescially because I really like her deep vibrato voice haha lol I'm not professional so I can't describe it but I have been a long time fan of her OST's like If, Can You Hear Me, I Love You, and the newest one All With You, when she is singing it feels like she is talking how sad she is because her voice is just so full of emotions, and I really love that. Not to mention that it took her almost 10 years into her debut to finally come out with first full album, so it must be overwhelming feeling for her. Her first mini album, I, sold so well and I'm really looking forward for this full album.

Hm, anyway, you can check out some of her teasers image on her official website, tracklist, and highlight clips of each of her songs at Youtube.

Meanwhile, her design album is so so pretty I can't even.. so aesthetic and tumblr-ish.

These are some of my favorite highlight teasers..

that moment when 30secs teaser gives you life more than full video...

My favorite Pisces girl ever. (kudos for sharing the same zodiac with me haha)

And, check out her ''I Got Love'' MV which make me question my sexuality seriouslyy so pretty and gorgggg!


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