Feb 20, 2017

which camera should i buy??

Okay, so I am in the middle of dilemma here. Being an indecisive person, choosing something is incredibly hard for me. I owned a Nikon D3100 DSLR and wanted to switch to mirrorless camera. Because, let's face it.. the idea of lugging around your heavy DSLR is not appealing to me. My DSLR was my birthday present and i used it less than 10 times maybe? So, I always wanted to buy a mirrorless/pocket camera which the quality now getting better and could rival DSLR, and most importantly, could slip to my handbag or my pocket and cheaper than DSLR.

But which one should I buy? >.<

1. Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

Yes, this camera topped my list simply because it is amazing for amateur like me. I like just how simple it is to use because it is a pocket camera, at the same time the specs is just wow and gives pretty much the same result with DSLR.  

2. Fujifilm XA2

I like the vintage-ish look of it, if i finally settles to buy this one, I would pick the brown one becoz it gives an old camera vibes (fyi, they got brown, pink, white and black)

3. Sony A5000/Canon EOS M10

The most affordable option at mirrorless market out there, without sacrificing the quality. They are still pretty darn good for beginner and did you know Sony lens is used for iphone cam lens also? So, this add extra points for Sony A5000, and for Canon EOS M10, I fell in love after watching Melody Amadea's youtube vid about creative filter assist that you can set to change color and tone of your photoyou can check out some of the example too at Canon Thailand youtube channel, they got some pretty cool tones my favorite is Pimtha with her cutie tone :D

4. Sony DSC RX100 M2

Ok, this is like high-end for point and shoot Sony camera, so do i need to say more about the quality?? This is the rival for Canon PS G7X Mark II, so this is tough choice hmm -_-

So these are the options and I could really appreciate some help to decide :(

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