Mar 10, 2017

part-time jobs after so long

Hello hello! So now I have been working part-time at Porridge Time, Sunway Pyramid tee-hee! I happened to saw their vacancy when I was eating out at their branch at Paradigm Mall, talk about coincidence.. so I took down the number and called the manager, and who knows, minute later, I was officially hired #proudnotproud

Yesterday was my first day and it went quite well.. the coworkers all are so nice and caring and willing to teach you, I did some mistakes (key-ing wrong orders, or worst.. forgot to key in the orders) but they assured me that I will get the hang of it in few days, let's see..

I met one part-timer that happened to be in the same uni as me haha lolol but he is taking QS tho.. he is super friendly and we chatted quite much. Funny thing he did not know that Taylor's shuttle bus is operating every hour so he goes to work by taking Uber/GRAB.. man must have burned quite some hole in your pocket. His face when I told him that there is shuttle bus to Sunway from uni and it cost 1.20 RM only is priceless. 😂😂

Hm, I will try to squeeze time to update this space hehe so until next timee! :D

Mar 4, 2017


Okay, actually I wanted this post to be quick post before I headed off to Sunway Pyramid for movie time, but K keeps bugging me to go because we booked the 11:15 AM time slot movie so we did not missed the movie -_-

On Friday, I am back in Malaysia again! Hah, it feels weird because when I am at home, I keep telling myself I wanna be back so soon because I am bored to death! But, when I am actually here, I feels a bit emo instead. I guess when I am alone here, I have to do everything on my own, which I kinda hate but there is nothing you can do about it, but when I am back home, everything being taken care of. I am so selfish, I know.

Anyway, k treated me this korea spicy pan-grilled chicken at SS15 Courtyard Mall. Mr.Dalkgalbi seemed like newly opened there because when I went there few months ago, it wasn't there yet. I keep telling K that this is so spicy hor because he can't eat spicy hahaha turns out you can request to be made less spicy version.

So, there is the waiter that will cook the chicken for you, that time we did not order with cheese because we are unsure with the dish. Scared later not nice mah.. but then we expressed our regret why didn't we order cheese after went back home hahaha. It looks and taste shiok surely with cheese, I just checked out their tagged photos on instagram. Hm, next time gonna order with cheese, and extra ddeubokki (korean rice cake) I love it so damn much :D

Shameless me takes over again hahaha btw really likes B612's stickers leh, better than Snapchat's one and SNOW app is totally out of my list now because it drains phone battery. Anyway, what is wrong nowadays with live video everywhere? I mean, if you are not famous or anything, do people actually bothers checking out your live vid? Are their lives is goddamn meaningless until they have to watch other ppl's lives? -.-