Apr 22, 2017

start of long weekend!!

This weekend is the start of our long weekend *background cheering* I just went back from Sunway Pyramid after movie (Fast and Furious 8, still no idea why the hell the keep making sequels, I thought  the 7th one was the last??) and I'm gonna crash soon, so I'm just gonna spam pics that I took with my Canon S95! Had dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Ting at Pyramid, and its a new fav place for me recently! Had no idea they already have a branch at SS2 and we never visited?? Although I frequently patron SS2 area and it was so gigantic with flashy signs whatsoever but we always eat at Murni like wtf?? Hahaha... like this place coz of the extensive menu, I even had a hard time choosing, and they give out coupons of free pudding/side dishes of the month everytime we dine in, so imagine how many coupons we've collected already! Lol.

They are now having an opening promotion of free milk tea with any ala carte orders by the way! So pay a visit yea! :D pretty worth it loh.

ask bf to take pics with my cam and giving instruction on how to take food pics lolls but he did not really catch that I guess. Too zoomed in, although I do ask him to zoom him but not too closed up la haha. Bf's pork chop rice with sauce if you are wondering. Salad portion too little I told him it was kinda pathetic. :P

banana fritters with scoop of vanilla ice cream. I hope the pic do its justice, coz it was so so damn shiok!! 

At Monki's fitting room haha. Now guys, you know what's girls doing that took them so long at dressing room! So don't complain ok!! Hahahaha.

Frequently visit Typo coz all their stuffs so cute and tumblrish! But never fully intend to buy hahahaha maybe I will buy their tumbler soon hmm.

Bathroom selfie after the movie! Man, my hair couldn't be any messier, after I pull down my hair bun coz it was so tight its kinda hurt my head hmm. 

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